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  • New Years Resolution #1: Travel More

    2020 is in full swing friends! And I know you have written down some long-overdue goals. If you're anything like us, TRAVEL more is at the top of the list! Here's a helpful hint to get your bags packed, that first week of vacation requested, and get you out the door! The team at View Post
  • The Best of Beach Life

    I hear from my friends and family all the time, “I can’t believe you live right next to the ocean!” “You’re so lucky!” “I would be on the sand every day!” They’re not wrong.. After living in a beach town for almost a full year, I thought I would share my favorite parts about beach life thus far. ... View Post
  • The Ultimate Beach Experience

    Hello beach obsessed friends!Here at, we throw the saying “the ultimate beach experience”around pretty frequently. We use it on social media, in multiple product listings, and in casual conversation.You may be asking.. what makes up the ULTIMATE beach experience guys? Well we ar... View Post