The Best of Beach Life

I hear from my friends and family all the time, “I can’t believe you live right next to the ocean!” “You’re so lucky!” “I would be on the sand every day!”

They’re not wrong..

After living in a beach town for almost a full year, I thought I would share my favorite parts about beach life thus far.

  1. We’ll get the obvious out of the way. If you’re beach obsessed like I am, being so close to the ocean is a dream come true. I’m originally from a land-locked state and had to drive 10-12 hours to reach any coast of sandy white. So being able to jump in the car and put my toes in the sand within 15 minutes is unreal.
  2. The seafood! My FAVORITE food-- my death row meal would be endless crab legs. I have never had so many options of fresh delicious fish, crab, and shrimp. Let me just say again for those in the back, Red Lobster is NOT fresh.
  3. There are so many fun, community-centered events! I’m not talking about just beach-themed events.There are Art Gallery nights, Seafood Festivals, Live Music, and so many things to do on the weekends that only the locals know about. 
  4. Fruity Drinks! A pina colada or margarita used to be a celebratory drink for me, now it’s a regular weekend treat! Of course in our town, the Bushwhacker is KING (a frozen blend of Kahlua, Rum, Crème de Cacao, and half and half)!
  5. Salty air! I’m no doctor, but I am a firm believer that salty air is very beneficial and just good for the soul! Next time you’re on a beach vacay, with your feet in the sand staring out at the vast ocean, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Then tell me if you don’t feel revitalized.
  6. Oceanic Education! I have learned so much about fish, jellyfish, and sharks since living here. Fish don’t mind nibbling on your toes when you’re wading through the water. Unlike Spongebob, you can pet the top of a jellyfish, just don’t shake hands with it. And sharks don’t just swim along the shoreline like my 10-year-old self often imagined.
  7. The Coastal Sun. The sun on a white beach is much much different from the sun anywhere else. You will get burned and your skin will peel off. But it makes for a great quick tan!