The Ultimate Beach Experience

Hello beach obsessed friends!

Here at, we throw the saying “the ultimate beach experience”around pretty frequently. We use it on social media, in multiple product listings, and in casual conversation.
You may be asking.. what makes up the ULTIMATE beach experience guys?
Well we are here to give away our BIG beach secret. Read on!

Picture this—You’re at the beach. In your beach bag you have a water bottle, sunscreen, and that $8 beach towel you picked up at a department store two years ago. You lay out for a bit and when you get up to get in the water, you see that you and all your stuff is covered in sand! And it’s even worse when you are packing to leave. You have sand on the bottom of your bag, sand stuck to the towel, and sand all over you! The sand then leaves the beach, goes with you to your car, then to your house or hotel. Messy and unnecessary.

We have a solution to this problem and we call it (all together now) The Ultimate Beach Experience.

First, we start with a sand free towel. Yes, this is a thing and it is legitimate! This means whatever sand is on this towel, when you pick the towel up and shake it, there will be zero gritty sand attached when you leave. There are a few different kinds of fabrics that are sand free.

Turkish Cotton is woven so tightly that sand does not attach to the loops in the fabric. It's also super lightweight and dries quickly. You can click HERE and browse our selection of Turkish Cotton towels.

Linen blends are also great fabrics for repelling sand. We have a few Lagu beach blankets left which you can click HERE and browse. To be clear, you will not want to dry off with these Lagu blankets, but they make the perfect beach blanket!

Another great fabric for keeping the sand on the beach is Acrylic. Las Bayadas Mexican blankets are SUPER oversized (your whole family will fit on this blanket) and are made of an acrylic/cotton blend which makes them soft. You can view these colorful blankets by clicking HERE. PS they also make the ideal picnic blanket!

Next, on top of your sand free towel, layer any fluffy soft towel you use to dry off with. The sand free towel underneath will do the dirty work so your top layer stays comfy and clean!

You will be looking at your beach neighbors thinking “rookie..” when you catch on to this beach strategy.

You can thank us later.