Why Are Sand Free Beach Blankets Important?

Here at BeachBlanktets.com, we always have a sand free towel in our beach bag! You may be wondering why we’re so passionate about creating a sand free beach experience—because we love the feel of sand between our toes, building sandcastles, and burying your best friend in a pile of gritty goodness! We don’t want to lose those incredible moments.

We want to call attention to something you may not have known: Our beaches are slowly being washed away due to beach erosion. Storms, flooding, strong waves, sea level rise, and human activities all contribute to coastal erosion.

“Stephen Leatherman or Dr. Beach of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that between 80 and 90 percent of the sandy beaches along America’s coastlines have been eroding for decades. In many of these cases, individual beaches may be losing only a few inches per year, but in some cases the problem is much worse. The outer coast of Louisiana, which Leatherman refers to as “the erosion ‘hot spot’ of the U.S.,” is losing some 50 feet of beach every year.” (Further Reading)

We can’t control hurricanes or lunar activity, but we can control how much sand we take home with us. Help us help our beaches and sand dunes. Grab a sand free beach blanket for your next trip to the coast!

[For the ultimate beach experience + people wondering how you’re such a beach expert—Grab one oversized sand free blanket. We recommend this Lagu blanket that also comes equipped with three pockets. When you have your sand resistant blanket to sit/stand/lay on, you can use whatever type of towel is best to dry off or use as a pillow! When you’re ready to head home, just shake off all the excess sand and roll the blanket up! So easy and you’ll be doing your favorite beach a favor!]