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  • May 2019: A Time to Celebrate and Remember

    Hello Beach Bums! Can you believe we're one week into May 2019 already?! We love this beautiful month and wanted to share with you our favorite parts of May! 1. Cinco de Mayo! If you're beach-obsessed like us--you understand how much we love any holiday that revolves around celebration, margarita... View Post
  • Why Are Sand Free Beach Blankets Important?

    Here at, we always have a sand free towel in our beach bag! You may be wondering why we’re so passionate about creating a sand free beach experience—because we love the feel of sand between our toes, building sandcastles, and burying your best friend in a pile of gritty goodnes... View Post
  • All About Turkish Cotton

    Here at we have a ton of blankets & towels to choose from! Some of our faves happen to be made of Turkish Cotton. What is that, you ask?It's a fabric, of course! Not just any fabric, but a super yummy fabric made perfect for a beach day or your Saturday morning yoga class an... View Post